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Rechargeable Sanitising Uv Light Disinfection Wand For Travel

For home, office, or travel -  UVC Light Wand made your life easier with a simple press and scan. Apply directly to surface of sofa, bed, bathtub, towel, mat, carpet, keyboard, mouse and more. Enjoy a healthier life with less germs around.

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    Sample in 5days, bulk order as discussed
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    Xiamen Port
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    white, pink, support customization
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    Strong R&D ability to support OEM/ODM service
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Rechargeable Sanitising Uv Light Disinfection Wand For Travel


1. Made of newest uvc technology,most powerful

2. It adopts UVC LED technology and ultraviolet sanitize light of 260nm-280nm,directly damaging DNA and RNA of bacteria and virus

3. Effective Sanitizing, High output ultraviolet LEDs



UVC LED Sterilizer Wand

Item No.


Working Voltage




Input Interface

Micro USB








mini size uvc led sterilizer wand, easy to carry and easy to use

u3 uv led sterilizer wand with double-core lamp beads

Rechargeable Sanitising Uv Light Disinfection Wand advantage compare with traditional Traditional disinfection methods


Q: What can this UVC led UV sterilization product sterilize?

Answer: In principle, this product has no special requirements on the materials of disinfection materials, as long as thematerials can be sterilized by sunlight. Common life scenes such as: textiles (clothing / bags, etc.), electronics (mobilephones 1 remote controls, etc.), metal (keys 1 cutlery, etc.), plastics (keyboard 1 children's toys, etc. ), beauty (cleansinginstrument 1 Lipstick, etc.), kitchen and toilet (toothbrush 1 towel, etc.).

Q: Do I need to turn off my phone for disinfection?

Answer: No need to shut down.

Q: Will it take a long time?

Answer: This product has strong ultraviolet energy, high power and concentration, and small disinfection space, so thedisinfection time is very short.

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