Portable Mini Ozone Generator

Portable Waterproof Disinfection Sterilizer Pet Water Purifier Pen

P2 disinfection  pet drinking water purifier pen  is a portable uv-c light sterilizer with a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Its button switch locates at the bottom of the handle.

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    Xiamen Port
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    White, support customization
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High sterilization efficiency to eliminateover 99% of bacteria.

UV-C radiation, with a wavelength ranging from253.7 nm, attacks the vitalDNA ofthe bacteriadirectly.The bacteria lose their reproduction

capability and are destroyed. Even parasites, likeCryptosporidia or Giardia, which are extremelyresistant to chemical disinfectants, are efficiently reduced.



Uv Sterilizer Wand For Pet Drinking Water

Item No.


Working Voltage

DC 3.4V-4.2V

Charging Cutoff Voltage


Charging Port Type

Micro USB

Ultraviolet Wavelength






P2 Portable Disinfection Pet Drinking Water Purifier Pen AdvantagesPet Drinking Water Purifier Pen Versatile For Multiple Occasions P2 Portable Disinfection Pet Drinking Water Purifier Pen Has Two Modes To Changes

2000mAH Capaticy With Micro USB, Longer Endurance

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