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  • How to Use Car Ozone Disinfector?
    Aug 5,2020.
    How to Use Car Ozone Disinfector?
    After long-term use of a car, many bacteria will remain on the roof, seat cover, air outlet, carpet and other parts of the car. Therefore, it is best to clean the car regularly and thoroughly. You can't just use one kind of detergent and protective products to clean the car. Due to the different materials of each part in the car, you should choose different cleaning agents. Most decoration shops that do car beauty will choose cleaners that are more alkaline. Although they have whitening and decontamination effects, they will have certain consequences. Cleaners that are too alkaline will soak the flannel, leather chairs, and ceilings. . The professional approach should be to choose a car ozone disinfection machine, which has good sterilization and deodorization functions, and the main function of the car disinfection machine. But do you know how to use car ozone disinfector? Let me tell you! 1.Place the ozone sterilizer at the center of the place to be disinfected, or other locations that are conducive to ozone diffusion. 2.Turn on the power switch, Select mode and set time. Then it will work by itself until the end of the set time. If there are fans and air conditioners working at the same time in the place to be disinfected, the ozone sterilizer is placed near these facilities, which is more conducive to the diffusion of ozone and achieves a better disinfection effect. Tips: Please use the ozone air purifier machine when people are not in the car.
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  • How does ozone sterilize?
    Oct 10,2020.
    How does ozone sterilize?
    The chemical properties of ozone are extremely active, and its energy when it is free produces strong oxidation in an instant, which destroys the structure of the microbial membrane to achieve sterilization. The principle is this: Ozone first acts on the cell membrane, causing damage to the membrane components, destroying lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides in the membrane, changing the permeability of the cells, leading to cell lysis and death, thereby playing the role of sterilization, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification.  Ozone can be mixed with water and oil, and it has stronger sterilization ability when mixed with oil. Ozone sterilization is 600 times that of chlorine, 3000 times that of antibiotics, and 10,000 times that of Chinese herbal medicine! It can quickly kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. After the combination of bacteria, viruses and ozone, it will change the molecular structure or energy transfer, causing the death of bacteria and viruses, no new bacteria will be formed, and various toxic substances can be effectively removed.  Ozone is a highly effective disinfectant, which has strong killing power against bacteria, germs, fungi, mold spore viruses and other microorganisms. There are many compounds that can kill microorganisms to achieve sterilization, such as common hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), potassium permanganate, chlorine, and bleaching powder. However, these bactericides are slower than ozone sterilization, and other harmful compounds are produced during the reaction process. Ozone sterilization is different from other fungicides, because excess ozone can be quickly decomposed into oxygen, so there is no secondary pollution problem.
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  • How to Use an Ozone Generator in The Home?
    Aug 12,2020.
    How to Use an Ozone Generator in The Home?
    Ozone is very dangerous for living organisms to breathe including humans, pets, and plants. It does play a role in killing bacteria, mold, odor and even insects crawling underneath the bed. So if you have exhausted all other types of options and have to resort to an ozone generator, please read the product instruction manual first. All ozone generators are set up differently with its unique capabilities and features. If this is your first time using an Ozonator, please go through all the safety precautions steps below. • No living things are allowed – Never stay in the same room whenever an ozone generator is working. If you want to cover an entire house, find a place to stay while the device is running. • Set a shutdown timer – Most Ozonator comes with a pre-set timer that you could set to power off the machine when time is up. If the particular model does not come with a timer, cover your mouth/ nose and manually turn off the device. • Cover or remove valuable items when an ozone generator portable is active – Ozone atoms do not mix well with metallic things or paper. For bigger objects, try covering them with a blanket. • Wait at least 4 hours before re-entering the room that has gone through ozonation – It will typically take 30 minutes for ozone to start settling down and become oxygen again. The longer you wait, the less likely ozone gases will still be lingering in your home. • Do not run an ozone generator in a high humidity environment – The moisture will cause damage to the arcing inside the machine. You can however, run the machine in warm or cold temperature. • Regular maintenance – Some ozone generator comes with a collector plate that requires cleaning every 2-6 months. If you are a heavy user, check for fine dust or oily residue on the output area as it will decrease the machine performance and durability.
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  • Are UV sanitizing wands safe?
    Jul 29,2020.
    Are UV sanitizing wands safe?
    Are UV sanitizing wands safe? I believe this is a problem that confuses many people. Ultraviolet rays are associated with harming human health and especially causing cancer. Anyway UV-C is the most powerful of the three UV bands. However, the UV rays emitted by the sun were filtered by the ozone layer. However, be careful when using UV-C disinfectants. Do not expose your skin or body parts to UV-C light bulbs directly. Most manufacturers have a built-in safety feature that activates light only toward the surface. So, On the basis of its intelligent design, as long as we are a little careful and follow the rules of use during use, uv sterilizer wands are safe.
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  • Development of a Practical Method for Using Ozone Gas as a Virus Decontaminating Agent
    Jul 13,2020.
    Development of a Practical Method for Using Ozone Gas as a Virus Decontaminating Agent
    Our objective was to develop a practical method of utilizing the known anti-viral properties of ozone in a mobile apparatus that could be used to decontaminate rooms in health care facilities, hotels and other buildings. The health hazard can be overcome in practice by ensuring that the room to be treated is temporarily closed to people during the treatment and is sealed to prevent escape of the gas into the environment. Sensitive materials can be temporarily covered or removed if necessary. In addition the ozone gas can be removed quickly after treatment by use of a catalytic converter, which can transform the ozone back into oxygen within minutes. There are many ozone air purifier and machine with different ozone output, we, Ecovolans Technology,can supply the most suitable for you . We evaluated the feasibility of using ozone gas as an effective means of decontaminating various hard and porous surfaces containing dry or wet films of different viruses, in the presence and absence of cell debris and biological fluids. Following successful laboratory experiments, we then developed an efficient prototype ozone generator and catalytic converter that could be used in a room containing viral contaminants. We also examined a role for high humidity in enhancing the virus inactivation process, and incorporated this feature into the field tests.
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