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How to Use Car Ozone Disinfector? Aug 5,2020.

After long-term use of a car, many bacteria will remain on the roof, seat cover, air outlet, carpet and other parts of the car. Therefore, it is best to clean the car regularly and thoroughly. You can't just use one kind of detergent and protective products to clean the car. Due to the different materials of each part in the car, you should choose different cleaning agents. Most decoration shops that do car beauty will choose cleaners that are more alkaline. Although they have whitening and decontamination effects, they will have certain consequences. Cleaners that are too alkaline will soak the flannel, leather chairs, and ceilings. . The professional approach should be to choose a car ozone disinfection machine, which has good sterilization and deodorization functions, and the main function of the car disinfection machine.

But do you know how to use car ozone disinfector? Let me tell you!

1.Place the ozone sterilizer at the center of the place to be disinfected, or other locations that are conducive to ozone diffusion.

2.Turn on the power switch, Select mode and set time. Then it will work by itself until the end of the set time.

If there are fans and air conditioners working at the same time in the place to be disinfected, the ozone sterilizer is placed near these facilities, which is more conducive to the diffusion of ozone and achieves a better disinfection effect.

Tips: Please use the ozone air purifier machine when people are not in the car.

Ecovolans Ozone air purifier machine for car

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