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How to Use an Ozone Generator in The Home? Aug 12,2020.

Ozone is very dangerous for living organisms to breathe including humans, pets, and plants. It does play a role in killing bacteria, mold, odor and even insects crawling underneath the bed. So if you have exhausted all other types of options and have to resort to an ozone generator, please read the product instruction manual first. All ozone generators are set up differently with its unique capabilities and features. If this is your first time using an Ozonator, please go through all the safety precautions steps below.

• No living things are allowed – Never stay in the same room whenever an ozone generator is working. If you want to cover an entire house, find a place to stay while the device is running.

• Set a shutdown timer – Most Ozonator comes with a pre-set timer that you could set to power off the machine when time is up. If the particular model does not come with a timer, cover your mouth/ nose and manually turn off the device.

• Cover or remove valuable items when an ozone generator portable is active – Ozone atoms do not mix well with metallic things or paper. For bigger objects, try covering them with a blanket.

• Wait at least 4 hours before re-entering the room that has gone through ozonation – It will typically take 30 minutes for ozone to start settling down and become oxygen again. The longer you wait, the less likely ozone gases will still be lingering in your home.

• Do not run an ozone generator in a high humidity environment – The moisture will cause damage to the arcing inside the machine. You can however, run the machine in warm or cold temperature.

• Regular maintenance – Some ozone generator comes with a collector plate that requires cleaning every 2-6 months. If you are a heavy user, check for fine dust or oily residue on the output area as it will decrease the machine performance and durability.

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