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How does ozone sterilize? Oct 10,2020.

The chemical properties of ozone are extremely active, and its energy when it is free produces strong oxidation in an instant, which destroys the structure of the microbial membrane to achieve sterilization. The principle is this: Ozone first acts on the cell membrane, causing damage to the membrane components, destroying lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides in the membrane, changing the permeability of the cells, leading to cell lysis and death, thereby playing the role of sterilization, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification.

 Ozone can be mixed with water and oil, and it has stronger sterilization ability when mixed with oil. Ozone sterilization is 600 times that of chlorine, 3000 times that of antibiotics, and 10,000 times that of Chinese herbal medicine! It can quickly kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. After the combination of bacteria, viruses and ozone, it will change the molecular structure or energy transfer, causing the death of bacteria and viruses, no new bacteria will be formed, and various toxic substances can be effectively removed.

 Ozone is a highly effective disinfectant, which has strong killing power against bacteria, germs, fungi, mold spore viruses and other microorganisms. There are many compounds that can kill microorganisms to achieve sterilization, such as common hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), potassium permanganate, chlorine, and bleaching powder. However, these bactericides are slower than ozone sterilization, and other harmful compounds are produced during the reaction process. Ozone sterilization is different from other fungicides, because excess ozone can be quickly decomposed into oxygen, so there is no secondary pollution problem.

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