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Development of a Practical Method for Using Ozone Gas as a Virus Decontaminating Agent Jul 13,2020.

Our objective was to develop a practical method of utilizing the known anti-viral properties of ozone in a mobile apparatus that could be used to decontaminate rooms in health care facilities, hotels and other buildings.

The health hazard can be overcome in practice by ensuring that the room to be treated is temporarily closed to people during the treatment and is sealed to prevent escape of the gas into the environment. Sensitive materials can be temporarily covered or removed if necessary. In addition the ozone gas can be removed quickly after treatment by use of a catalytic converter, which can transform the ozone back into oxygen within minutes.

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We evaluated the feasibility of using ozone gas as an effective means of decontaminating various hard and porous surfaces containing dry or wet films of different viruses, in the presence and absence of cell debris and biological fluids. Following successful laboratory experiments, we then developed an efficient prototype ozone generator and catalytic converter that could be used in a room containing viral contaminants. We also examined a role for high humidity in enhancing the virus inactivation process, and incorporated this feature into the field tests.

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