Uv LED Sterilizer Bag
  • Benefits of UV-C Jun , 28 2020
    The benefits of UV Technology’s UV-C disinfection systems are numerous, including: 1. Effective for all types of micro-organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa 2. No disinfection by-products (DBPs) formed 3. Low capital and operating cost 4. Easy to operate and maintain 5. Safe and environmentally friendly 6. HACCP compliance UVC led technology is widely used in many fields, espe...
  • How To Use A Uv Light To Kill Germs At Home Jun , 10 2020
    UVC lights available to consumers come in various forms, including boxes, bottles, and covered wands. Each has its own set of instructions for how to use the light to kill germs, with specifics on things like how long the sanitation takes and, in the case of wands, how close it has to be to the object you're trying to sanitize. Larger box-shaped versions fit tablets, toys, and baby bottles. UVC Sa...
  • What is UV LEDs? May , 29 2020
    Visible LED market makes a giant leaf with expanding its application to BLU, lighting and automotive etc. With the UV LED power increasing(increment), the technology is also used in a wider range of applications. The discovery of UV radiation was associated with the observation that silver salts was darkened when exposed to sunlight. In 1801, the German physicist Johann Wilhelm Ritter made the hal...
  • Ozone Sterilization for Healthcare in the 21st Century May , 22 2020
    Ozone has been recognized as a safe disinfectant for water and food for many years now. It can be safely used in both gaseous and aqueous forms as an antimicrobial agent in the treatment, storage, and processing of foods, including meat and poultry. Ozone sterilizer and ozone air sterilizer, ozone generator air sterilization has been used for years as a drinking water disinfectant. Ozone is produc...

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